About MyBooker Model Management

Founded in 2017
MyBooker Model is the leading and only exclusive ALL MALE modelling agency in Nigeria. Founded and run by Uchenna Okwudima, experienced talent scout and renowned international placement agent, MyBooker is recognised as a formidable national and international agency.
MyBooker Model Management was created in 2017 as an exclusive high-fashion boutique modelling agency dedicated to identifying, developing and sustaining the careers of talented personalities and placing them internationally.
With a vibrant experienced staff of renowned talent scouts, bookers, photographers, and international placement experts, MyBooker is set to give a full new meaning to what modelling is in Nigeria and Africa in general.
Our Models

Our Services

We continue to challenge the status quo with its clients, and broaden opportunities for all of its talent.

Brand Services

MyBooker Model Management offers a range of Brand Services to its Talent from across its three divisions. Our focus is to allow the individual to augment the scope of their activities and to maximize their brand value.


Licensing is an increasingly important and lucrative avenue for our major talent to capitalize on their brand value. Strategic partnerships with appropriate brands serve to enhance the reputation and broaden the appeal of the individual as they


MyBooker manages contracts for its talent in a variety of categories including photography, fashion etc. In addition to the the contracts agreements, we oversee the activities of the talents signed up to us.


We believe that keeping PR in-house allows us to develop tailored communication strategies for each person and their projects in order to achieve maximum awareness and “cut-through”.